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Define yourself in one word.


Because i’ll always do something that someone else is interested with.”

Like your brothers scooter?

“Yes exactly like that.”

Define yourself in one word.


Not your name, something to describe yourself.


*As I pick up her veggie straws and crown she dropped on the floor*

Pretty accurate.

Define yourself in one word.


Because I like to be loud and have fun.”

Would you say bubbly too?

“Yes, except I hope don’t pop all of the sudden…”

Define yourself in one word.


Because I have many different moods and each mood represents a different color.”

Your sunglasses are yellow; so, what’s that mood like?

“Shades on and sun out because summer is around the corner.”

Moes vs. Chipotle

Brooke: “I personally think that, um, Moes is better because Chipotle is very spicy and I’m not really a big fan. Also, I like Moes better because I like their names for their foods. For example, Moo Moo Mr. Cow.”

Carly: “Yeah they’re very kid friendly.”

Have you guys ever been on kids eat free Tuesday?

Dani: “Yeah.”

Brooke: “Yeah, well, I used to but I eat the adult size now, so…”

Dani: “I still get a kiddie Moo Moo Mr. Cow”

Carly: “I also like that when you go to Moes they say ‘Welcome to Moes!'”

Brooke: “Welcome to Moes!”

Dani: “Welcome to Moes!”

Brooke: “Even if no one is walking in they still say it.”

So everyone say it on the count of three…..

Moes vs. Chipotle

“I hate Mexican food.”

Moes vs. Chipotle

“Chipotle because Chipotle is heat, but see Moes has the queso dip. I don’t know.”

If you had to chose one tonight to go to which would it be?




Moes vs. Chipotle

“I like Chipotle because the rice is fresher, the meat is fresher, and Moes just tastes dirty compared to Chipotle. At Chipotle there’s cilantro in the rice that makes it taste more enjoyable.”

How often do you go to Moes or Chipotle?

“I went to Moes all of middle school until I found Chipotle. Their food is just on point.”




Who do you think is most suitable for President in the 2016 election?

“Are you sure you want me to tell you in the 2016 election.”

Well you could chose anybody, not just the people running.

“Oh, you mean like a ‘third party candidate.'”

Yes exactly.

“I think my husband, Mr. Segal, would make an incredible candidate for President because he has an incredible first lady already, so we don’t have to worry about that.”

Why would he get more votes than any of the candidates running now?

“See this is interesting because that’s not a part of the question you asked me.”


“Do you think he is the most suitable? Or whether he would win”

Well if he is most suitable, then he will most likely win.

“He would have a really serious campaign with a lot of investors. It would be serious.”

Did you come up with any campaigns or slogans he could use to win over the voters?

“Yes, his slogan could be something like ‘the right fit for America,’ or not ‘making america great again’ because that was used already.Something to the effect of ‘the moral way to run’ or ‘the right way to run.’ He is so morally upstanding and he is so just like righteous in the world in a really good way.I think that would be nice for America. We need that ”

Would you make any contributions yourself as first lady?

“Yes I would. I would continue the ‘Get Moving America’ thing that Michelle Obama is doing because that’s just awesome. What could be bad about that? Although I would be doing it in fancy clothes, not the lulu lemon outfits and yoga for the United States.”

So, you wouldn’t do the ‘eat right’ commercials on Disney Channel?

“Oh I would do that. Do I have to wear lulu lemon to do that?”

I don’t think so. I am pretty sure she wears dresses.

“I think one of my first lady campaigns would be female empowerment. I think girls can do anything that they set their minds to and that goes along with Michelle Obama too. I think that a lot of times in our environment girls are told that they can’t and I don’t like that.”

So, you believe that they can?

“They totally can and I would jump on board with his mantra about leading the world in a right way, that sometimes doing the right thing is not always easy. So, that’s definitely a part of ‘grgafication.'(Her name for her teaching process) That sometimes doing the right thing is not always the easy thing, but it’s worth it. It’s hard, right? I think I posted that on grgstagram (Her instagram name) recently, ‘that it may not always be easy, sometimes it may be hard, but it will always be worth it’, and I think that that’s important to go back to those values.”



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